Huawei launch

Huawei HarmonyOS: know the devices compatible with this operating system

The company announced that it will update 100 Huawei devices with Harmony OS, the system that competes with Android, from Google.


Death in the amusement park – 57-year-old falls from the roller coaster

Summer, sun, holiday mood - and then the big shock in the Klotten amusement park in Rhineland-Palatinate: A woman falls off the roller coaster and dies. The causes are still completely unclear.

How downforce helped Red Bull win in Hungary

Red Bull feared they would not be able to compete at the level of their rivals at the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP, but changes to their rear wing helped them win.

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What happened to the body of Eva Perón

The body of the former Argentine first lady was stolen and for more than 20 years her whereabouts were a mystery for the South American country. This is his story.

Minimum wage, compulsory vaccination and fuel discount: These are the changes in August 2022

In August 2022 there will be some innovations. The 9-euro ticket is about to expire, students should get more money and gas should be saved. The changes at a glance.