The Interjet union sees the return of the airline as 'impossible'

Section 15 ensures that it will soon be able to seize and auction the company's assets to cover salary debts to more than 5,000 workers.

Volaris and Aeroméxico, which won the most slots after the withdrawal of Interjet

Interjet lost more than 50,000 take-off and landing times since 2019, while its main competitors have collectively gained nearly 25,000.

Interjet's restructuring: overdue and with a long way to go

The airline, which expected to fly again in July, has not yet formally entered bankruptcy and has yet to negotiate debts with its creditors.

Interjet seeks agreements with creditors within a year

Argoss Partners, the firm in charge of negotiating with creditors, trusts that a judge will approve as soon as possible to start the legal process.

Supertransporte controls Interjet and orders insolvency proceedings

The measure occurs because the airline presents a critical accounting, financial, legal and administrative situation.


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