invasive alien species

They rediscover a cockroach that was thought extinct for almost a century

It is a species of cockroach that feeds on wood and disappeared from its place of origin in the 1930s after the inclusion of an invasive species.

The introduction bias: when a species changes during the invasion

When an exotic species is introduced into a new environment, it undergoes an artificial selection process that makes the final population genetically different from the original population.

How did the rabbit invasion in Australia come about?

Although it was introduced to the island more than 90 times in 70 years, only one of the introductions, in 1859, is the cause of the invasion, according to a recent study.

The black bass, an invader of our rivers

This native Mississippi fish was introduced for recreational fishing, is one of the most invasive species in existence, and causes serious impacts on native species.

TikTok hacks (like the frog army) threaten ecosystems

On Tik Tok, it's 'becoming fashionable' to release frogs in order to 'build the largest frog army in history' to rack up viewers. Species relocation may have 'extremely negative consequences', experts say.

How does a species become invasive?

Although all invasive species are products of human transport, not all species that arrive new in an environment become invasive; the process of biological invasion requires overcoming certain barriers

What impacts does the tree of heaven or ailanto cause?

Birds have the ability to perceive changes in the direction their head is pointing, and they have a sense of magnetoception that works like a compass, giving them the ability to navigate.

Can a biological invasion be prevented?

Is it possible to prevent biological invasions?


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