Iris Mittenaere

A French student of dentistry is the new Miss Universe

French Iris Mittenaere, a 24-year-old dental student who loves to cook, was crowned Miss Universe on Monday in Manila.


ZDF crime thriller "Friesland": cannabis and weird guys

A marine biologist is murdered in East Friesland, and soon the whole small town is upside down. A new episode of the cheerful crime series with charming actors.

Jan Böhmermann on "Moria 2": The EU is imprisoning innocents on Samos

Jan Böhmermann takes on the human contempt of the EU in the refugee camp Moria 2 in his ZDF magazine Royale. Is that still satire? The TV review.

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Spectacular skeleton find in Italy: man died in ancient Vesuvius eruption

The great Vesuvius eruption was around 2000 years ago. In Ercolano, researchers are still looking for skeletons from this period. Now you have found what you are looking for again.

Crete: New strong earthquake shakes island

A week ago, numerous people in Greece experienced strong earthquakes. Now there was another tremor.