Janet Yellen

The US economy is slowing down, but a recession is not inevitable: Yellen

The US Treasury secretary said inflation "is too high" and that the Fed's recent rate hikes were helping to curb price rises.

Janet Yellen calls for raising the US debt ceiling

The Secretary of the Treasury affirms that if not, the country could face the risk of default in August.

Janet Yellen calls on rich countries to keep spending even after COVID

"Most countries have fiscal space, and they have the ability to put fiscal policies in place that will continue to promote recovery," said the US Secretary of the Treasury.

The US celebrates an “unprecedented” minimum tax pact for multinationals

For the US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, it will "end the race to the bottom" on corporate taxes.


Ex-Chancellor Merkel made us dependent on Putin's gas – now Spain has to sweat

Donald Trump once said that Germany is a prisoner of Russia. In the energy crisis, other countries have to foot the bill.

Accident in Dortmund: car rolls over on B1

Several people were injured in an accident on the B1 in Dortmund on Monday. A rescue helicopter was deployed.

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Sauerlander meets Olaf Scholz in an unusual place – the chancellor is on first-name terms

A man from Plettenberg had an unusual encounter in the Allgäu. Chancellor Olaf Scholz stopped off at a hut after a hike. You can find out how the meeting went here.

Village in southern France near the coast cleared of forest fire: wind carries fire further

The forest fire in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park has spread to the German side. The flames are not under control. News ticker.