Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen asks the World Bank to change its business model

The US Treasury secretary says the World Bank must adopt stronger targets to mobilize private finance and deploy instruments such as loan guarantees and insurance.

Yellen asks the private sector to invest more for the US energy transition

The Secretary of the Treasury assures that companies have to invest to migrate to clean energies that help combat high energy prices.

Janet Yellen expects inflation to ease in 2023

There are still risks related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said.

The US faces "a risk" of recession, according to the Treasury secretary

A recession is "a risk when the Fed tightens its monetary policy against inflation," explained the leader on economic and financial issues in the Joe Biden government.

The US economy is slowing down, but a recession is not inevitable: Yellen

The US Treasury secretary said inflation "is too high" and that the Fed's recent rate hikes were helping to curb price rises.

Janet Yellen calls for raising the US debt ceiling

The Secretary of the Treasury affirms that if not, the country could face the risk of default in August.

Janet Yellen calls on rich countries to keep spending even after COVID

"Most countries have fiscal space, and they have the ability to put fiscal policies in place that will continue to promote recovery," said the US Secretary of the Treasury.

The US celebrates an “unprecedented” minimum tax pact for multinationals

For the US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, it will "end the race to the bottom" on corporate taxes.


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