Duchess Camilla: Not too old for long-distance travel yet

The royal couple last flew to Jordan and Egypt for a business trip. Despite their advanced age, Camilla and her husband still see themselves as "full of juice".

Charles and Camilla in Egypt

After their stay in Jordan, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have arrived in Egypt. There are talks about climate change right at the start of the visit.

Jordan: Gigantic copper mine threatens the largest nature reserve in the country

In Dana, Jordan's oldest and largest nature reserve, copper is to be mined in the future. Conservationists: inside criticize the project violently.

The pandemic paralyzes tourism in Jordan and threatens death to donkeys in the city of Petra

Herds of donkeys that carried hordes of tourists along the rocky roads of the Jordanian city of Petra have been left without work and on the brink of hunger due to the pandemic, which deprives locals of income.


ZDF correspondent leaves China: "In this country you can see what lack of freedom means"

Ulf Röller reported for ZDF from Beijing for three years. Now he is leaving China - and takes stock: "As a journalist, you are simply not welcome in a dictatorship."

Donald Trump: Report reveals which documents the FBI seized

A report reveals details of the search warrant. It includes new information on why the FBI searched Donald Trump's home.

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Equity issuances in the US register their highest level in the year

The amount raised by the 18 offers that were made last week was 2,600 million dollars.

“Dramatic” ice cube shortage in Spain

In Spain, ice cubes become scarce in the summer heat. Bars with ice machines don't have this problem.