Laboral benefits

Technology and hybrid work: the steps to follow

Isn't there a way for companies to make their offices a place where people feel free and want to work? I refuse to think that the only answer is no, considers Ana Peña.

Human talent, the difference between an ordinary company and an extraordinary one

The trend is clearer: to have better work teams it is important that each of the members can develop both personally and professionally, considers José Luis González.

From #Wellness to #Wellbeing… where is your organization going?

Good health and well-being can be a central enabler of employee engagement and organizational performance, says Ariel Almazán.

The motivations that retain our collaborators today

Workers must be seen individually, so the interests of one do not necessarily belong to all, points out Sergio Porragas.

The Great Renunciation in the US: how to combat this phenomenon in Mexico?

Employees today understand the value they bring to their organizations and demand the treatment they deserve, taking into account the impact of their role within a company, says Nima Pourshasb.

Second semester of 2022: this is how talent and companies move

HR leaders have been very close to change and, although at the beginning of the pandemic they were the ones who were adapting, at this point they are the ones who must direct where this renewal is going.

Generational integration in the workplace

It is true that today there is a generation gap of more than 40 years in offices, but this can be solved with a project with detailed planning, says Arturo Bañuelos.


Actor Robert De Niro is just criminally good

"The Godfather II", "Good Fellas" and now "Wise Guys": In his new film, the Oscar winner becomes a mafia boss again and makes the streets of New York unsafe.

LAST MINUTE: Labor dispute initiated by the United States at the Teksid Hierro plant in Mexico is resolved

The Mexican government recognizes the union and the company for having reached an agreement on July 11.

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On a tour of discovery: meerkat offspring in Leipzig Zoo

1, 2, 3, 4 - four young meerkats are strolling through the Leipzig Zoo. The young are now big enough to leave the safe burrow.

S&P and Fitch sink Unifin's credit risk rating

Standard & Poor's Global Ratings and Fitch ratings downgraded Unifin's credit ratings following the announcement of its restructuring.