Mario Balotelli

Balotelli could arrive at Valencia hand in hand with Gatusso

Mario Balotelli could end up joining the ranks of Valencia Club de Fútbol after Gatusso's arrival on the 'che' bench.


The peso appreciates after inflation data in the US: Exchange rate is close to 20 pesos per dollar

A possible slowdown in prices in the US caused an appreciation of the Mexican peso that brings the exchange rate closer to 20 pesos per dollar.

13 Almost Forgotten Tweets From Donald Trump

Tweet – he could do that. At least until the company blocked Donald Trump's Twitter profile. BuzzFeed News is bringing 13 of his absurd tweets back to life.

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Circulatory problems in the heat: These foods increase blood pressure

The heat causes health problems for many people. With a few tips and certain foods, you can prevent circulatory problems.

The human brain did not shrink 3,000 years ago

A recent study shatters the theory of evolution. The work bucks the widely held belief that modern humans experienced an evolutionary decline in brain size. According to experts, the size of the human brain has not changed in probably 300,000 years.