Dunbar number: how many friends can a person have?

Thirty years ago, an anthropologist theorized that humans can have social interactions with about 150 people. How did you come to this conclusion? Is it true in all cases?

The curiosities about mathematics that will surprise you

Mathematics has its curiosities, anecdotes and fun facts. Here are five interesting facts about this science that you may not have known.

The mathematical formula of the egg revealed

The new equation can describe the egg of any bird existing in nature. This milestone will be applicable to the food industry and other scientific disciplines.

They beat the world record for calculating the number pi

They have reached 62.8 billion decimal places and are waiting for the Guinness Book of Records organization to certify their feat.

Unsolvable scientific problems

Science is based on the search for certainties. Today we go over some math puzzles that remain unsolved.

The Riemann Hypothesis: The Million Dollar Math Conundrum

Much of current mathematics is based on the Riemann hypothesis, which has not yet been solved or confirmed, however.

Numerology: calculate the number according to the date of birth

Get to know the world of numerology and discover what the meaning of the numbers that can mark the path of your life is.

Most famous mathematicians in the world: what they are called and biography

Since mathematics is the center of everything that surrounds us, we invite you to meet the five most important and famous mathematicians in history.


US model Meadow Walker marries – Vin Diesel at wedding

US model Meadow Walker got married. Among the guests is Vin Diesel, her godfather and good friend of her father Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013.

Clueso speaks in the "Tagesthemen" about the state of the music scene

Singer-songwriter Clueso was interviewed in the ARD “Tagesthemen” on the subject of Corona in the music scene. And there was also singing.

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Weather: Fog and sun at the start of the week – temperatures are rising

Monday starts in the weather with fog, but it gradually disappears. In the course of the day the sun shows more and more, the temperatures rise.

Storm "Ignaz" rages over Germany: warning of storm damage

"Ignatz" picks up speed, the German Weather Service warns of strong gusts - sometimes even with hurricane force.