Guided meditation to eliminate excess negative thoughts

This exercise will allow you to observe the effects of thought on your body. It will help you release tension.

Guided meditation so as not to lose faith in Colombia

In this meditation exercise we will focus on Colombia, in its current situation, seeking to attract feelings of reconciliation from the energy.

Does meditation prevent obesity?

Meditation serves to control impulses; among them, compulsive eating suffered by children with a tendency to obesity.

Meditation relieves pain

The study was carried out with 78 volunteers.

Meditation reduces pain-related brain activity

Many people who suffer pain report feeling quite relieved through meditation practice. In the same way, some meditators say they do not feel pain when they are immersed in this state.

This is how our brain works when we meditate

There are many benefits that meditation brings us: among other things, it reduces anxiety, stress and helps us boost our emotional well-being. But what happens in our brain while we meditate?

Yoga and meditation preserve intelligence

The results of a new study showed that age-related deterioration in fluid intelligence was slower in people who practiced yoga and meditation.

Laughter works in the brain like meditation

What happens in our brain when we laugh? A recent study affirms that laughter causes brain waves similar to those we have when we do meditation.


US model Meadow Walker marries – Vin Diesel at wedding

US model Meadow Walker got married. Among the guests is Vin Diesel, her godfather and good friend of her father Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013.

Clueso speaks in the "Tagesthemen" about the state of the music scene

Singer-songwriter Clueso was interviewed in the ARD “Tagesthemen” on the subject of Corona in the music scene. And there was also singing.

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International Sloth Day: why this day and curiosity of this animal

Every third Saturday in October, the International Sloth Day is celebrated, which arises as a defense and conservation of these animals.

Astronaut study: space travel can cause brain damage

Space as a potential living space for people seems more tangible than ever. However, a recent study by astronauts shows that staying in space for a long time can damage the brain.