Miguel de Cervantes

Dynamics of revolutionary passion: about the national strike

A reflection on the concept of history in light of the current situation in Colombia.


NATO urges review of this Ukrainian city to avoid a nuclear disaster

Russian officials say Ukrainian forces are shelling the town where the plant is located to provoke a Russian response, though they offer no evidence.

'Sex with children': R. Kelly trial opened

R. Kelly is on trial again. Again it is about the allegation of sexual abuse of minors. A now world-famous video plays a central role in the process.

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Because it's easy: Pietro Lombardis and Sarah Engels' son has a new surname

In 2021, Sarah Engels married Julian Büscher and took her maiden name again after her marriage to Pietro Lombardi. The former couple's son, Alessio, carried his father's last name long after the divorce. But this has long since changed.

German backpacker missing in Spain: relatives waited in vain at the airport – new details

For almost two weeks there has been no trace of a young backpacker from Germany. Oliver Heise wanted to travel to Tenerife, but there is no trace of him.