How to take a free shuttle to a Milwaukee Bucks game

Who wants to take care of parking in downtown Milwaukee, which could mean spending a lot of money for a spot or skirting custom streets

Top reasons to visit Milwaukee in 2016

With museum renovations and a new boutique hotel, not to mention a host of restaurants celebrating infusion and tradition, and a new

A Gay Guide to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

An old world, much of a working-class city that has always been overshadowed as a tourist destination by its neighbor relative to the south,

Milwaukee Restaurants Open Thanksgiving

Don't feel the urge to throw a multi-course feast on Thanksgiving? Or maybe you find yourself alone or with a small group in the

Review: Cafe Corazon in Bay View

The wait for lovers of local food has been long and anxious. Almost a year after Café Corazon, a popular local Mexican restaurant and

Milwaukee population and ethnic composition

According to both the 2010 Census and the 2008 American Community Survey, Milwaukee's population is 604,447, making it the 23rd city to

The 5 most extravagant workouts in Milwaukee

If you are like most people, you are looking for a New Years resolution to stay fit. And in Wisconsin because of the sidewalks and streets

It Happened In Milwaukee: The Attempted Assassination Of Teddy Roosevelt

A little-known fact in Milwaukee history, and one that would be extraordinarily well-known had it succeeded, is the


Terrible explosions in Armenia's capital: three people dead – dozens injured, many missing

Armenia's capital Yerevan was rocked by multiple explosions. At least three people died.

Cat lockdown in Walldorf ended prematurely

Radical measure: To protect the threatened crested lark, many domestic cats in the Rhein-Neckar district were temporarily curfew. Now there is good news for the four-legged friends and their owners.

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The emotional moment in which after so long waiting for it, the two lines finally appear on the pregnancy test

When I am asked what the happiest day of my life has been, my mind automatically transports me to that moment when the two lines appeared on the pregnancy test. After a long time trying to get pregnant, many ovulation tests, many gray days, many tests and many tears of frustration, the miracle happened. Never in my life had I felt such fullness and the sense of fulfilling a dream in such a palpable way... even months before it materialized with the arrival of my daughter.

Corona rules: Italy, Spain, Austria and other holiday countries are planning this for autumn

In Germany, politicians are already preparing for a possible corona wave in autumn. Other countries are more relaxed about the situation.