Model S

Tesla calls 6,000 electric cars for review over possible loose bolts

The procedure involves Model 3 vehicles manufactured between 2019 and 2021, and Model Y vehicles assembled between 2020 and 2021.


Trapp thought the nomination for the Yashin Trophy was a joke

The French magazine "France Football" honors the best goalkeeper with the Yashin trophy every year. Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp first thought of a joke when he was nominated.

Restrictions on playing video games in China hit Tencent

The technology giant in China suffered from the blockades of the “covid zero” policy and the harsh rules in the video game sector.

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This is Alonso's 2022 season: only he went to El Plan

Review of Fernando Alonso's 2022 season in the F1 World Championship: results, performances, news and everything that happens to the Spanish driver this year.

Film Festival Locarno: German cinema offered some highlights

At the end of the 75th Locarno International Film Festival, German cinema has a good chance of winning an award. But the competition is strong.