A robot breaks the finger of a 7-year-old boy during a chess game

The moment the robot pressed the finger of its opponent during an event in Moscow was recorded on video.

Youngster in Russia blows himself up in school

A youngster blows himself up south of Moscow. The background is currently unclear.

Corona numbers explode in Russia: Putin orders compulsory leave

Because the number of corona diseases in Russia has reached a peak and is still increasing, President Putin has ordered a week's vacation for the country.

Actor dies during performance in the Bolshoi Theater

At an opera performance in Moscow, a performer is crushed by part of the set. Viewers initially consider the misfortune to be part of the staging.

Artist dies while performing in the famous Bolshoi Theater

At an opera performance in Moscow, a performer is crushed by part of the set. The authorities are now investigating.

January in Moscow: weather, what to pack and what to see

Moscow might not be at the top of most travelers' winter vacation list, especially considering the temperatures

Moscow travel and safety tips

When you visit Moscow, you are visiting one of the largest and most expensive capitals in the world. While you must adhere to certain travel tips regardless of

Arbat Street and Arbat District in Moscow

Arbat Street, or Ulitsa Arbat, is also known as Old Arbat (to differentiate it from New Arbat Street). Arbat Street once served as an artery


Infant seriously injured after crash at campsite

In Kahl am Main, right on the border with Hesse, a rescue helicopter flies an infant to the hospital after an accident.

Fewer new corona infections – 184 deaths

The RKI once again reports fewer new corona infections and a reduced seven-day incidence. But the data situation remains opaque - this is mainly due to the reporting behavior of the countries.

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