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Mexico is not the only country that is betting on new refineries

At least 80 other refineries are currently under construction, expected to enter operations in 2025. Most are in the Middle East and Asia.


Dead vaccinator Kellermayr: memorial desecrated – eyewitness films crime

Mourners set up a memorial for the deceased vaccinator Lisa-Maria Kellermayr. This was destroyed by a woman on Saturday morning.

"Murderers and robbers": Putin confidant in prisons looking for soldiers

Due to heavy losses, the Russian army is missing soldiers. "Putin's cook" is therefore apparently looking for new fighters in prisons.

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Entrepreneurial women and megatacos, this is how they work at the 'Las Muñecas' taqueria

"Doll, doll, what will you want?" We made a visit to this place where, by tradition, only women work.

In 13 trains to Lisbon

The train should be the climate-friendly and inexpensive means of transport of the future. Can this work? A relentless self-experiment