Only him

Vivija, between prayers and songs

The Ecuadorian artist Vivija presented the song “Solo el”, which is part of her new EP, “Aqui”.


Inflation and return to offices hit 'healthy foods'

The high prices of goods and services and the return to normality erase the advances in healthier eating changes that were generated during the pandemic.

80-year-old found dead – grandson suspected of crime

An elderly woman is found lifeless in front of her house in Delmenhorst. Shortly before, her grandson is said to have told relatives on the phone that he had killed his grandmother. Now he has to go before the magistrate.

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"Have they broken up?" Kate's missing engagement ring sparks crisis rumors

Kate Middleton shone all in white at the Commonwealth Games, but one small but striking detail immediately caught the eye. Her engagement ring was nowhere to be seen.

Until November, Mexico, the US and Canada will know the ruling of the panel on rules of origin of the automotive sector

The hearing for the interpretation of the rules of origin, initiated by Mexico and Canada against the United States, took place on August 2 and 3.