Pelvic floor

Having a vaginal delivery after a caesarean section may increase the risk of severe perineal tear by up to 21%.

Much has been written and studied in recent years about vaginal deliveries after cesarean section (VBAC). On the one hand, we know that it is possible to have them safely, but on the other, that this type of delivery also has certain risks.

Pelvic floor: this is what you should keep in mind before and during pregnancy

It is quite striking that many women do not pay attention to our pelvic area until we become pregnant (or even worse, until we...

The use of the fitball or Pilates ball during pregnancy: what benefits it brings and how to use it

The Swiss ball, also known as a fitball or Pilates ball, is an inflatable ball between 45 and 85 cm that has multiple uses in gyms, although perhaps one of the best known is the one given during pregnancy.

Paula Echevarría exercises her pelvic floor: why it is important that you also do it if you are pregnant

The pelvic floor is a great unknown to many people and you may not hear about it until you are pregnant. It is a group of muscles that actively intervenes during pregnancy and childbirth and it is essential to exercise it, as does Paula Echevarría.

When is the best time and how to push during labor

Maternal pushing, during the second stage of delivery, is essential for the baby to be able to descend through the maternal pelvis and go outside. They are the force that the mother uses to push the baby through the birth canal.


Schedules of the Valencia GP of MotoGP in Cheste and how to see it

The Cheste circuit hosts this weekend, from November 4 to 6, the 2022 MotoGP Comunitat Valenciana GP. See the schedules and all the information.

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