Peugeot: an alliance, a chip crisis and a pandemic mark its performance

Gerardo Carmona, CEO of the French brand in Mexico, talks about the transformation that Peugeot faces after a merger with FCA and amid a global shortage of semi-components.

French authorities accuse Peugeot of 'dieselgate'

This imputation is a preliminary step for a possible prosecution for the group in the European country.


Aston Martin promises to have its new F1 factory ready in 2023

Aston Martin boss Mike Krack has revealed that the new factory will be ready in 2023, but the wind tunnel and simulator will have to wait.

In what average position do the F1 2022 drivers finish the races?

F1 has made a classification with the average positions in which the drivers finish the races and compare it with their place in the 2022 world championship.

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And now why are they investigating Donald Trump?

The former president of the United States faces several legal proceedings related to the 2020 elections, the taking of the Capitol on January 6, and his business activities.

Missing German found on Mallorca

He was missing for a month and a half, now the 61-year-old from North Rhine-Westphalia has reappeared - on Mallorca. Perhaps the dementia patient wanted to fulfill a heart's desire.