Why do you have to pull up the window blinds when taking off and landing the plane?

There are several reasons, more than justified, why we have to roll up the windows of the plane both when taking off and landing.

Why are airplane windows round?

Aircraft windows are round and oval for a safety reason that was discovered in the 1950s after several accidents.

Traveling by plane, what can go wrong ?: Real stories that happened in flight

Traveling by plane is always an opportunity to see new places. Within this medium, very funny real stories occur.

EU blocks Belarusian airspace after commercial jet hijacking to stop Roman Protasevich

The European Union has imposed harsh sanctions on Belarus for hijacking a commercial flight to arrest journalist Roman Protasevich.

A Brazilian soap opera actress who hoped to say goodbye to the year in Times Square ended up receiving 2017 from the air

Telenovela actress Danielle Winits and her family, along with a group of travelers who wanted to spend New Year's Eve in New York, finally do so from the air.


Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Heike Makatsch investigates in the "crime scene"

In her third case, Heike Makatsch, as "Tatort" commissioner Berlinger, has to do with a blind law student and a decadent young couple. But it is also about the single investigator herself.

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Gabby Petito case: human remains found

The friend of the killed Gabby Petito has been missing for weeks. Now a trail leads to a nature reserve in Florida. Investigators are also likely to discover human remains there.

Queen Elizabeth II: she declines this award with thanks

For the British Queen, age is just a number. The 95-year-old Queen turned down the “Oldie of the Year” award and gave the magazine a funny explanation for her renouncement.