Bad news for Joe Biden: the United States is headed for an economic recession

The world's strongest economy is headed for a recession in the next 12 months even though President Biden has said contraction will be avoided.

#Between the lines | The recession is only a matter of time

This year, the global economy will grow around 3%, although it is not ruled out that in the coming weeks there will be a more marked slowdown that will push this figure down.

"Prepare for an economic hurricane," JPMorgan CEO warns investors and the world

Inflation, high interest rates, the invasion of Ukraine, among other factors, will lead the world into an "economic hurricane." Meanwhile, this Tuesday, the markets hit 2-year lows.

What recession? The unemployment rate in the United States falls to 3.5%

Companies in the US are reluctant to lay off workers after hiring difficulties last year.

The IMF asks countries to act to avoid a global recession

Kristalina Georgieva says that the rising cost of living will cause many households to struggle even as economies continue to grow.

The WTO projects a global economic recession

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, head of the WTO, said the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, food and energy prices create conditions for a global recession.

What is a recession, how long does it last and how does it impact you?

Fears that the US and the world will face an economic recession in the coming months raise the alert in Mexico so that it can apply measures to soften the blow.

The US faces "a risk" of recession, according to the Treasury secretary

A recession is "a risk when the Fed tightens its monetary policy against inflation," explained the leader on economic and financial issues in the Joe Biden government.


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