Renault-Sofasa suspends operations due to road blockages

The company reported that it suffers a shortage of parts, and that therefore it is forced to advance the collective vacations until June 7.


Fish deaths on the Oder – "Something never experienced"

Is it the heat - or toxic chemicals that may have been dumped illegally in Wroclaw, Poland? In the Oder the fish are dying en masse. Commercial fishermen are shocked.

Rampage: Defense wants placement in psychiatry

The killing spree in Trier triggered nationwide horror. There are five dead and many injured. Now the trial of the suspected gunman is coming to an end.

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A court denies protection of Interjet, leaving the way clear for the auction of goods

The airline's union reported that the Interjet trademark and other company assets have already been seized, which will be valued by an expert for subsequent auction.

Johnny Depp as Ludwig XV. vor der Movie camera

Most recently, the US actor was mainly seen on the screens because of his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard. Now Johnny Depp has traveled to France for filming.