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Newborn's First Breath: How Your Baby Starts to Breathe

Throughout the pregnancy, the baby's respiratory system is being formed until the complete maturation of the lungs around week 36 or 37.

I am asthmatic and pregnant: everything you need to know about this chronic disease during pregnancy

Asthma is the most common chronic lung disease among pregnant women, the prevalence of which has been increasing in recent decades. Currently, it is estimated that between 1-7% of pregnant women suffer from asthma.

Oxygen during labor does not provide any benefit for the baby, according to a comprehensive study

Babies who are deprived of oxygen during birth are at risk for brain damage that can lead to developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and even death. To avoid this, most women in labor undergo continuous monitoring of the baby's heart rate and receive supplemental oxygen if their child's heart rhythm is abnormal, with the idea that this common practice increases the supply of oxygen to the baby. However, there is conflicting evidence as to whether the long-standing recommended practice improves the baby's health.

Your baby's first breath after delivery triggers a series of vital changes in his brain

During the nine months of pregnancy, the baby breathes through the mother. The baby's lungs are the last organ to start working, and it will be after birth. Your first breath (which may or may not be accompanied by crying) sounds like a gasp indicating that air has entered your lungs for the first time.


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