Rh incompatibility

Hemolytic disease of the newborn: what it is and why it occurs

Hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) is a condition that occurs when the mother's blood type is not compatible with the baby's. It occurs in one for every thousand live births.

Indirect Coombs test in pregnancy: what does this test detect?

All pregnant women, at the first prenatal visit, undergo a blood test to determine if they are Rh positive or Rh negative and are screened for antibodies using the indirect Coombs test.

Rh incompatibility: what is it and what dangers does it have for pregnancy

One of the first and most important tests that a pregnant woman should have is the blood test. This basic test determines what type of blood you have and what your Rh factor is. And it is that the Rh factor will play an important role in the health of the baby.


Schedules of the Valencia GP of MotoGP in Cheste and how to see it

The Cheste circuit hosts this weekend, from November 4 to 6, the 2022 MotoGP Comunitat Valenciana GP. See the schedules and all the information.

"Don't talk to me!": Danni Büchner makes a clear announcement to hated party guests

Danni Büchner is invited to Sam Dylan's Halloween party. But the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant has no desire for many other party guests. And find clear words.

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