Silva Poetry House Foundation

The problems of the Fundación Casa de Poesía Silva

Officials and former officials of the Silva Poetry House denounce that they have been owed money for five years and that the place could be liquidated.


E-European aid to France in the fight against forest fires

Strong forest fires are raging south of Bordeaux again - several firefighters are on duty. The neighboring European countries are sending help. But there are also fires in northern France.

Fish deaths on the Oder – "Something never experienced"

Is it the heat - or toxic chemicals that may have been dumped illegally in Wroclaw, Poland? In the Oder the fish are dying en masse. Commercial fishermen are shocked.

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Super moon 2022: when the brightest full moon of the year shines in July

After the supermoon in June 2022, July will see the brightest full moon of the year. There are more sky spectacles to see in July.

F1 promises that they will not hold more than 24 races in 2023

F1 president Stefano Domenicali explained that they are still making adjustments to the 2023 calendar, but that they will not reach 25 races.