Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, a business model that energizes the economy

RECON Colombia study on social entrepreneurship.


Ed Sheeran tested positive for Corona

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran's fifth record is slated for release on October 29th. The singer will not be able to attend some of the previously planned appointments in person due to the corona.

Til Schweiger thinks: Sharp ammunition has no place on the film set

How did the terrible accident on the "Rust" film set come about, in which Alec Baldwin fired fatal shots at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins?

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In a shopping center: Little girl screams like a stick when mother holds her – "This is abuse!"

A shocking video from Yorkshire, UK, is currently enraging the Twitter community. Users speak of disgusting behavior and child abuse.

4 Halloween poems to recite with children

Today we bring you some Halloween poems that are perfect to recite with children and that feel much more integrated into that night.