special treatment for politicians

Facebook plans to stop giving politicians special treatment

The change comes after Facebook confirmed the suspension of Donald Trump's account for two years.


You don't have to buy a new computer this back to school, but you do have to buy some accessories

The most useful peripherals are hard drives, cameras, and other accessories that will enhance your experience without requiring you to change your computer.

Another journalist killed in Mexico

He had been missing since August 9th. His body was found on the side of a country road. Juan Arjón López is at least the 14th journalist killed in Mexico this year.

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The emotional moment in which after so long waiting for it, the two lines finally appear on the pregnancy test

When I am asked what the happiest day of my life has been, my mind automatically transports me to that moment when the two lines appeared on the pregnancy test. After a long time trying to get pregnant, many ovulation tests, many gray days, many tests and many tears of frustration, the miracle happened. Never in my life had I felt such fullness and the sense of fulfilling a dream in such a palpable way... even months before it materialized with the arrival of my daughter.

"Water War" on Lake Garda: What Italy vacationers need to know now

Heat and hardly any rain in sight: Italy is affected by a historic drought. This also has an impact on holidaymakers.