The chief financial officer of Trump's company surrenders to the authorities

Allen Weisselberg, a veteran Trump aide who helped him manage his real estate empire during his presidency, entered a building that houses the Manhattan criminal court.

The T-MEC has a bittersweet first birthday due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic and disagreements in labor and energy matters dull the benefits of the trade pact between Mexico, the United States and Canada one year after its entry into force.

Iran will not deliver images of its nuclear facilities to the UN

The president of the country's parliament argues that his surveillance agreement with the UN has expired.

The US economy recovers with reopening, vaccines and government support

The GDP flashes with a growth of 1.6%, however, the generation of jobs is taking longer than contemplated.

#DatoDeLaSemana: US monetary policy, how does it affect Mexico?

The US economy is recovering quickly, but with growing concern that the general price level will rise a lot, making goods and services more expensive beyond the targets, points out Sofía Ramírez.

Unemployment benefit claims in the US resume their growth

The US economy faces a labor shortage even though employment remains 7.6 million jobs below its February 2020 peak.

Biden-Putin: the first face-to-face meeting

Putin will have to understand that Biden will not be complacent, and Biden will have to read Putin as Russia's strong and legitimate card in matters of order and security, says Rina Mussali.

The United States registers inflation of 5%, an index higher than expected

In May, prices rose due to the increase in the value of energy and used cars.


Inflation and return to offices hit 'healthy foods'

The high prices of goods and services and the return to normality erase the advances in healthier eating changes that were generated during the pandemic.

80-year-old found dead – grandson suspected of crime

An elderly woman is found lifeless in front of her house in Delmenhorst. Shortly before, her grandson is said to have told relatives on the phone that he had killed his grandmother. Now he has to go before the magistrate.

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Controversial response of Mexico and Brazil to monkeypox: "The government did nothing"

It all started with two grains, but a week later, this Mexican already had sores on his body and mouth. Specialists believe that not enough is being done to deal with the emergency.

China launches missiles in Taiwan Strait

A Chinese military source assured that the exercises are being held "in preparation for actual combat."