Sweden football team

Outbreak risk in Sweden: reports two positives 6 days after playing against Spain

The last hours in the concentration of the Spanish team are not being anything calm. The positive of Sergio Busquets set off all the alarms and now they are expectant of what is happening in Sweden, the first rival of Luis Enrique's team in this European Championship.


NATO urges review of this Ukrainian city to avoid a nuclear disaster

Russian officials say Ukrainian forces are shelling the town where the plant is located to provoke a Russian response, though they offer no evidence.

'Sex with children': R. Kelly trial opened

R. Kelly is on trial again. Again it is about the allegation of sexual abuse of minors. A now world-famous video plays a central role in the process.

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Sanborns says goodbye to Saks Fifth Avenue and will close its store in Santa Fe

Carlos Slim's group decided not to renew the contract with the luxury brand and will close its only store in Mexico.

Giant meteorites, like the one that killed the dinosaurs, created the continents

How did the continents originate? A new study strengthens the claim that it was the impact of large meteorites that propelled them.