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The Mexican startup that will give a double life to your used clothes

WasteNotWaste has built its business model through social media and e-commerce. This year, he wants to sneak into physical and themed stores.


Monkeypox in Germany: RKI confirms infection in girls (4)

After two young people were infected with monkeypox last week, the first case in a child has now become known.

“This is manipulation”: Parents often give false praise to their children

“Super”, “Great”, “Great”: many parents value praising their children often. But this can be detrimental to the child's development.

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This is how China will punish Taiwan for receiving Nancy Pelosi

Beijing has banned the import of products from more than 100 exporters from the island, considered a rogue province.

Saving gas in the house: consumers should avoid these expensive mistakes

The current gas crisis is causing many households to despair, because the gas bills in 2022 will be significantly higher than in previous years. Often the only option: save.