The dream factory

Discovering Forrester: An Exploration of the Human Condition (Part I)

In the film Discovering Forrester (2000), the filmmaker Gus van Sant explores both existence and the human condition.


Analysis proves: “era of climatic death” has dawned

Climate change is causing more and more extreme weather phenomena. A new analysis shows the drastic effects of climate change.

Black women who were kind of ahead of their time

In history books they are mostly invisible: black women. A Getty Images collection now features pictures of them - BuzzFeed News was allowed to use them.

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Two out of three mothers would feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public places if breastfeeding were normalized and supported

More than half of breastfeeding mothers consider that breastfeeding their baby in public is not a normal activity, which makes some women feel uncomfortable doing it.

#LasImperdibles: The AIFA takes off slowly… and not even AMLO shakes its hand

The airport reaches its fourth month of operation with fewer users served and without the route to Villahermosa, but with the premise of taking flight. This theme and more in the best of Expansión.