Ceferin: UEFA president surrenders to the evidence and admits his mistake with the multi-venue Euro

Aleksander Ceferin assured in an interview with 'BBC Sport' that he will not support the celebration of a Eurocup with multiple venues because it is not fair for the fans or for some teams.

UEFA bans lighting the Allianz Arena with LGTBI colors

UEFA has rejected the request of the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, to illuminate the Allianz Arena in the duel between Germany and Hungary with the colors of the rainbow in solidarity with the Hungarian LGTBI collective after the controversial measure taken by the Hungarian parliament

Eurocup: UK bows to Ceferin's threats and will let the 2,500 UEFA vips in without quarantine

The United Kingdom Government has yielded to pressure and threats from UEFA and will allow 2,500 VIP guests to enter the semi-finals and the final of the European Championship on 11 July at Wembley without quarantine.

The Eurocup loses half of its audience

The audiences of the Eurocopa have plummeted more than 50% compared to the 2016 edition. The matches are of poor quality.

Eriksen: UEFA's embarrassing television performance in Denmark's player crash | Euro 2021

Christian Eriksen was the star of the duel between Denmark and Finland after collapsing in the 42nd minute of the game.

Aleksander Ceferin: The UEFA president, in the center of the target

The different Federations hold Aleksander Ceferin accountable for his management against the positives, more focused on stoking the Super League.

What happens if there is a coronavirus outbreak in a team during Euro 2021?

UEFA established measures in its regulations for Euro 2021 due to the pandemic. We explain what happens if a selection suffers an outbreak.


Last Minute: Peñoles loses more than half of its profits due to lower sales and inflation

The miner's gold production fell 17.2% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year

Entrepreneur: get your SME to receive this boost

Know all the benefits that this UPS initiative offers you

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