unemployment in colombia

Unemployment rate in Colombia stood at 15.1% in April 2021

The rate for the fourth month of 2020 (the worst for job destruction) was 19.8%. However, we are still far from the prepandemic level: 10.3%.


Further closures due to fire in Grunewald

The fire in Grunewald continues to block the highway and rail traffic. In addition, extreme ground temperatures make the operation even more dangerous. The closures are to be re-decided.

Legal tug of war ends: terminally ill Archie must die

The parents of the ailing Archie wanted to fight "to the bitter end". Now the legal process has been exhausted and the family has to come to terms with a tragic fate.

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Juno spacecraft sends back stunning image of Jupiter

In one of them you can see a potpourri of connected and interconnected storm vortices that appear serene from a distance, but are not.

Fan of selfies and free apps? Your banking app is in danger

Fabio Assolini, the new director of Kaspersky's research and analysis team for Latin America, spoke about fraud news and trends in the region.