Breaking News: Volkswagen to develop new semiconductor with STMicro amid chip shortage

Both companies are "moving to agree" on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to make it.

The never-ending obstacle course: Why cars are taking longer to build

The automotive industry has been experiencing supply chain disruption for more than two years. The light at the end of the tunnel is still far away.

Cars with turbocharged three-cylinder engines invade us. Is it the end of four-cylinder aspirates?

In Mexico, the idea has prevailed that the bigger and more powerful a car is, the more car it is. But rising gasoline prices and pressure to cut emissions are pushing automakers to speed up development of small turbocharged engines.

Goodbye Brazil… Volkswagen will now sell a T-Cross from India in Mexico

Unlike the Brazilian, the Indian-made T-Cross is slightly taller and longer. It has a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine and prices around 400,000 pesos.

VW, BMW and Mercedes stop car production in Russia after Ukraine invasion

Russia, once considered a promising growth market for Western automakers, is now isolated due to economic sanctions.

A burning cargo ship leaves 4,000 Volkswagen cars adrift

This incident comes just as the auto industry remains mired in supply chain woes, on top of labor woes from the pandemic and chip shortages.

Longing: Volkswagen plans to launch the electric Kombi

The German company conceived the combi in 1947 and it became an icon for several generations, due to its design and affordable cost.

Mazda, Subaru and VW warn of faults in their cars

Profeco and the automotive companies called on consumers to make the corresponding revisions and subsequent arrangements.


"So far it's been haunting me": Danni Büchner traumatized to this day because of his ex-boyfriend

In her podcast "Living la Vida locker" Danni Büchner puts on a "soul striptease", as she says herself. When she talks about her ex-boyfriend, the tears come to the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant. She is still traumatized today.

Because Shania is now 18: Robert Geiss takes on the role of personal bodyguard

Shania Geiss has now turned 18. Nevertheless, Papa Robert takes good care of his daughter. He sees himself as her "bodyguard".

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Fernando Alonso has delivered a few surprises in his Formula 1 career, but the announcement of his move to Aston Martin is among the biggest.

Minimum wage, compulsory vaccination and fuel discount: These are the changes in August 2022

In August 2022 there will be some innovations. The 9-euro ticket is about to expire, students should get more money and gas should be saved. The changes at a glance.