Capybara plague, the largest rodent in the world invades us

The construction of neighborhoods in humid areas of Argentina entails having to share the garden with these gigantic rodents

What is the role of the wolf in the forests of the Iberian Peninsula?

The Iberian wolf is a silent ally that works to maintain the health of the ecosystems in which it inhabits

Why should chimpanzees befriend the group leader?

A study reveals that individuals capable of establishing stronger bonds with the alpha male have a greater chance of fathering offspring

Ants were the first shepherds in history

Ants learned to 'milk' aphids for food over a hundred million years ago

Why do cows fly in Switzerland?

If you've ever committed to doing something 'the day the cows fly', your day has come to fulfill

Rattlesnakes and their sonic deception

These reptiles can make you believe that they are under your feet, although in reality they are at a certain distance

In search of the cockatoo that made its own cutlery

Not all specimens of this species master this amazing behavior, but they can learn it by observing their congeners

Forests also fight drought

Through evapotranspiration, they distribute particles of condensed water around the world, a fact that could help regulate variations in rainfall globally.


US model Meadow Walker marries – Vin Diesel at wedding

US model Meadow Walker got married. Among the guests is Vin Diesel, her godfather and good friend of her father Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013.

Clueso speaks in the "Tagesthemen" about the state of the music scene

Singer-songwriter Clueso was interviewed in the ARD “Tagesthemen” on the subject of Corona in the music scene. And there was also singing.

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Huge fireball over metropolis in Pakistan – video shows devastating explosion

Terrible pictures from Pakistan: In the city of Lahore, the tank of a beverage factory explodes, there are supposed to be deaths. Videos show the devastating extent.

Bristol scale: the 7 types of stool that exist

According to the Bristol scale, these are the types of feces that exist. They are a clear indication of the state of health.