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Tajín seeks to make the leap to the Middle East with an investment of more than 1,000 million pesos

Industrias Tajín has its sights set on the Middle East. The company, headquartered in the state of Jalisco, will begin shipping its powdered and liquid sauces to markets such as Dubai, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this year.

In this regard, Miguel Adrianza Salvaverría, who chairs the Board of Directors of Industrias Tajín, explained that the company plans to take its products to these countries, which are added to the 65 international markets where it already operates, such as the United States, Canada, Germany and UK.

“Our goal is to double the size of the company every five years and that is what we have been doing, with a growth rate of approximately 16%,” said the manager in a media meeting. “Since 1985 we have been doubling the growth of the company every five years, taking Mexican chili to all the borders of the world,” he added.

To achieve its goals, the company inaugurated a Research Center and Experimental Field (CICE) and a production plant in Tala, Jalisco, for which it made an investment of more than 1,000 million pesos, with which 400 new jobs were generated. job.

In this center, Industrias Tajín will promote non-transgenic genetic research on chili seeds to increase crop productivity, identify suitable climates for planting and make plants resistant to pests. These investigations, which have improved productivity by 400%, become technological packages that the company shares with its associated producers.

With this, the company also intends to reduce chili imports from Peru from 30% to 15% in three years, and achieve self-sufficiency in five years, according to the projections shared by the manager.

In the factory, Tajín installed 10 high-speed production lines that, in five years, will allow it to increase the production capacity of chili powder by 88% and liquid sauce by 120%. The company has a capacity to produce 2.4 million kilograms per month, which translates into 856 bottles of powdered and liquid sauces. Of these products, 50% is destined for export

In addition, the company will also open the doors of these facilities to the public and for this it created a tour to show the brand’s production processes through the 75,000 square meters of land, with a built area of 15,000 square meters. The building has a LEED certification, in addition to a wastewater system and a lighting system that reflects sunlight, while solar panels will be installed that will reduce the use of electrical energy.

During the construction of this plant, which began in 2018, the Jalisco company generated 1,000 direct jobs and 4,000 indirect jobs during construction. The company began operations in 1985 and currently exports products to 65 countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Guatemala and Colombia, among others.

Most expensive tagine?

Industrias Tajín has not been spared from the inflationary impact that has been generated in the world due to the rupture in the supply chains. For now, the company has passed on 70% of the cost increase to consumers and has absorbed the remaining 30%.

“Inflation has hit us very hard. Many input factories had to close, now it is being regularized. We had problems with imports, there was a lack of containers and this generated a lack of supply and increases in times,” added Adrianza Salvaverría.

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