EntertainmentMusic"Te Vas", the new single by Adrián Alburez

"Te Vas", the new single by Adrián Alburez

The Guatemalan singer presents a song, which includes new sounds, such as the implementation of beats and some synthesizers.

Inspired by the calm and tranquility that occurs at the end of a toxic relationship, Adrián Alburez composed the lyrics to close cycles, inviting those who listen to say goodbye and give space to self-love.

“It is to give us that opportunity to sing: Te Vas, because I know my worth.” Says the artist.

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“Te Vas” was composed at the beginning of February 2021, while the singer was passing through Guatemala, leaving a relationship that did not work and took advantage of the latent feeling. The production was carried out in three months, thanks to the AZ Music label and the Khyber Records studios, which had Josh Perales as producer and Germán Villacorta in the mix and master in Los Angeles.

“It was a moment in which I decided to focus on self-love, and thanks to that to focus on my own convictions and values that make me a better person.” Assures.

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The video was recorded at the Plantino hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico, under the production of Red Moon Studios and the co-direction of Rafa León and Adrián himself, it was possible to tell the singer’s story, after having made the difficult decision to end that relationship that he liked so much, but that at the same time it hurt him a lot.

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Alburez is already preparing the release of his second album for this year. Soon he will resume his presence on stage with a concert tour in different countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, among others.

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