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Teenager (13) crashes into oncoming traffic with a small truck – he and eight other people die

A 13-year-old caused a terrible accident in the United States. Nine people died in the head-on crash.

Andrews (USA) – The accident happened in the USA, in the state of Texas. A 13-year-old was driving a pickup truck when it collided head-on with a van. This was announced by the US Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on Thursday. Actually, young people in Texas can only take driving lessons at 14 – at 15 apply for a driver’s license for beginners.

The teenager and his 38-year-old passenger and seven occupants of the van involved in the accident were killed. Why the small truck got into the oncoming lane is not yet fully secured – probably because of a burst tire.

Teenager (13) gets into the oncoming lane with a small truck and crashes head-on into the van – nine people are dead

Investigators assume that a tire on the pickup truck burst before the collision, causing the horrific collision. “It was a high-speed head-on collision,” said Bruce Landsberg of the NTSB. However, he could not say in the same way whether the vehicles were traveling too fast. The tire that burst was said to have been a spare tire.

Both the 38-year-old passenger and the teenager at the wheel of the pickup truck and seven passengers on board the van died as a result of the collision. The golf team from a university was traveling in the van. The coach and six team members were killed. They were returning from a golf tournament. Two occupants of the van were still being treated at a hospital on Thursday. (mda)* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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