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Teeth like cathedrals

Dientes como catedrales Have you ever wondered how your teeth can withstand so much pressure for years, considering that the enamel that forms them is just as resistant as glass? Engineer Herzl Chai of Tel Aviv University and his colleagues at George Washington University have obtained an answer after analyzing hundreds of teeth in depth. Their research shows that there are highly sophisticated structures inside our incisors, molars and fangs that keep them in one piece for decades, and could serve as inspiration for the automotive industry and for the construction of future ships and space vehicles. .

“The teeth show graduated mechanical properties and a geometry similar to that of a cathedral , and over time they develop a network of micro-slits that help them resist stress,” explains Chai. This prevents them from fragmenting despite biting. candies, nuts, pipes and other “hard” foods Also, unlike the carbon fiber sheath of modern aircraft, the structure of the teeth is not flat and laminated, but wavy , and the fibers are arranged in matrices. ? A cathedral is a perfect image to understand how the different layers are arranged in teeth ,? adds Chai, who is convinced that the teeth will be a source of bioinspiration for engineers.

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