NewsTeigen wants to get pregnant through artificial insemination

Teigen wants to get pregnant through artificial insemination

“Don’t ask me if I’m pregnant anymore,” Chrissy Teigen told her fans. The US model lost a child with husband John Legend. Now she wants to be artificially inseminated.

Los Angeles – US model Chrissy Teigen wants to get pregnant again after a miscarriage about a year and a half ago. She is currently undergoing preparatory treatments for in vitro fertilization, the 36-year-old said on Instagram.

She wants to “rescue as many eggs as possible and hopefully create some strong, healthy embryos,” Teigen wrote. She has nothing against the administered injections, but they caused her a strong bloated stomach. “So I humbly ask you to stop asking if I’m pregnant.”

“The Opposite of Pregnant”

She understood that the questions would be asked “with excited, good intentions”. “It’s still hard to hear because I’m the opposite of pregnant,” Teigen said. She had previously given insights into the treatments in her Instagram story.

Teigen and her husband, musician John Legend, announced in early October 2020 that they had lost their third child at 20 weeks pregnant. The two already have two children: Luna (5) and Miles (3). dpa

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