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The 17 equations that changed history

An equation is a mathematical equality formed by two expressions that contain one or more unknowns that can be solved (solved) through a succession of mathematical operations. Said like this, there will be many who raise an eyebrow as a sign of incomprehension or doubt and curse to themselves that old enemy of the school age that is mathematics. This is probably one of the formal sciences most misunderstood by society and yet the most basic for understanding the world around us and the universe we inhabit. Mathematics is the central gear that turns all the other elements that make up the cosmos.

Without this abstract science , it would not have been possible to develop or verify much of the knowledge that we have in other fields such as physics, chemistry, engineering and even medicine and the social sciences . The laws of nature and artificial laws are expressions of a phenomenon explained by mathematics so that humans can understand (or at least try). What at first glance is nothing more than a succession of letters, numbers and symbols that we suppose to have a certain order, actually hides the answers to questions that humanity has been asking for a long time .

Perhaps those equations are unknown to those who do not study the corresponding field or who do not have a real interest in the subject , but a quick search on the Internet or in a book will make names like Pythagoras, Newton, Maxwell or Einstein begin to sound like us. far away. The so-called “popular culture” makes these names recognizable in almost any part of the world , although not all of us can understand what the work of these geniuses of their time consisted of. In order to make the work of mathematicians, physicists or engineers a little more accessible, scientist Ian Stewart has put together a list of some of the equations that changed the world .

A ray of light contains more information than you think

A simple ray of light, a jet of photons, is capable of giving us information about the temperature, composition, speed and distance of the star that emitted it.

The legacy of Albert Einstein: the Theory of Relativity

On this day Albert Einstein was born in Germany, author of the theory of relativity, who determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers.

3 mathematical constants in nature

Today is International Math Day, or Pi Day. Apart from the one that defines the relationship between the diameter and the circumference, what other mathematical constants do we find expressed in nature?

An asteroid that was going to hit Earth in 2023 turns out to be...

For a few days in January, asteroid 2022 AE1 became the most dangerous asteroid observed in more than a decade.

This is theory that says what was there before the Big Bang

One of the problems with physics is that its two great theories, general relativity and quantum theory, get along like a cat and a dog. Although we have been searching for a quantum theory of gravity for more than half a century, the truth is that the results are quite disappointing.