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The 3 best applications to record calls on our mobile phone

Perhaps you are a journalist and soon you are going to carry out an important interview with an actor who will premiere one of his most anticipated films, you plan an event with co-workers, or you just need to record an important conversation that you want to store and keep safe.

Regardless of the reason, the truth is that there are countless applications ready to start recording our phone calls for us. But each one seems to work differently. For example, some require always following an additional configuration step when recording, or pressing a button to start picking up the call, which can end up being very cumbersome, especially if we do not remember, or we simply go with rush.

Luckily, there are different applications to record the calls of our mobile phone that can end up being very useful, and that stand out not only for being effective, but for the simplicity and simplicity when using them. Take note, we explain which are the three most useful and interesting.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro (Android)

If you have an Android phone, one of the most interesting applications has been named Automatic Call Recorder Pro , which can provide an idea of which would be one of its most obvious features …

And it allows us the possibility of configuring it so that it begins to automatically record all calls , from the moment we receive them, or just record specific contacts. Which offers many advantages, since after configuring it, we will only have to forget about the application, answer that expected call, and let it start recording in the background.

Not surprisingly, thanks to the very nature of Android, it is not necessary to press any button to record calls when they come in or out. But, incidentally, this experience may vary slightly between different mobile phones, since some terminals block this type of call recording integration. For these cases, a good idea is to try the free version of said application, before using the purchased version.

Call Recorder (Android)

Under the name of Call Recorder we find one of the most useful and interesting free applications for Android, although it has a counterpart: we have to avoid some ads every time we use it. In fact, if we want to avoid them, and even access some additional functions (such as synchronizing the audio files with Dropbox), it would be necessary to access the paid version.

However, it is characterized by being extremely easy to use, as well as intuitive . And as with the aforementioned application, it is possible to integrate it directly into the Android call system, which means that it will automatically start recording without even pressing a button.

However, certain phones running certain versions of the operating system may have problems, so in this case the recommendation is exactly the same: try the free version first.

TapeACall Pro (iOS)

And for iPhone ? TapeACall Pro is a useful option for those who use a mobile phone developed by Apple, which also stands out because it is perfectly compatible with Android. It is characterized by being a fairly solid call recording application , which provides almost all the functions that we could need, also including an MP3 recording option.

Of course, to start recording the call it is necessary to click on the large red button that will appear on the screen when we receive or make it. Once this is done we will have to set up a conference call between us and our contact and the TapeACall Pro servers, but in general it is quite straightforward and simple to do.

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