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The 5 jobs that will resist the age of robots

Almost all human jobs require us to perform a combination of the following four basic types of tasks: repetitive manual, non-repetitive manual, repetitive cognitive, and non-repetitive cognitive. It is true that there will come a time when any human work can be replaced by that of a machine, but the better question would be when.

There are a number of jobs that will be exceptionally difficult for an AI to carry out, due to their subjectivity. Each of the following jobs requires a unique combination of human intuition, reasoning, empathy, and emotion, so it will be difficult to train an AI system. The common factor, as we see, is humanity .

Preschool and Primary Education Teacher

Unless we try to turn our children into little computers, the teaching profession should be one of the few professions that remain as we know them. It is clear that we will have to establish a minimum age related to human-machine integration for the emotionally satisfying education that the youngest needs.
If we want them to behave like humans, should they be educated by robots? Controversy and opinions are served.


Professional athlete

American inventor Raymond Kurzweil estimates that by 2045 computers will be 1 billion times more powerful and powerful than all the brains of human beings on Earth. However, can we imagine soccer teams made up of robots? Would it be just as fun for fans? And a robot Olympics? It is clear that robots do not need to overcome and compete for who is the fastest, who jumps the highest or who swims faster would not make the same sense that for human beings sport has. Thus, the work of a professional athlete would be one of the last to fall into this future reigning technology society, unless sport ceased to be a priority in our interests.



Political robots? Politics without human beings seems unlikely right now. Will the machines need politics? In the short term, it is not a concept that we see as plausible. For the moment, humans will be the only ones on the political scene of the society of the future. For this reason, – luckily or unfortunately – they will be among the last professionals to lose their jobs because of the robot age.



This function requires objective and subjective evaluations, something not easy for artificial intelligence. Making subjective judgments requires not only vast knowledge of the law in order to apply it, but also knowing and evaluating the ramifications of your decisions in order for your judgment to be accurate and fair. This function of judge can be extended to all those works that require an evaluation, such as a judge of a cake contest.

Mental Health Professional

Again we come to the same point of subjectivity . Mental health experts such as psychologists or psychiatrists will be the last jobs robots can access. No matter how competent an AI is, it will not, in the short term, reach the level of understanding that humans have.

And the artists?

Technology has already had a huge impact on the arts economy. And, as much as we wish it were not, none of these jobs are likely to be untouchable in the future.

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