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The audience at the center of the entertainment industry

Covid-19 put the entertainment industry on pause. With the closure of the entertainment centers, some theaters have lowered the curtain permanently, while those that remain are still dealing with the challenge of filling their seats.

Federico González Compeán, general director of CIE International and the Mexican GP, acknowledges that the rate of recovery of the theater has been slower than that of other types of shows such as concerts or even Formula 1, which gained popularity in the Mexican market after that Netflix will present the series Formula 1: Drive to survive .

But for the director of CIE, the largest entertainment company in the country, “everything remains to be done.”

“There is more and more supply (of shows) that has to do with national productions, and that seems fantastic to me, because there are many things to tell as Mexicans, many stories about what happens to ourselves,” González said during his participation. in the panel What the audiences want , during the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022.

Looking to the future, the company seeks to have a greater number of experiences within its product platform, while staying close to younger audiences to understand what they are looking for.

Although it still seems early to know what habits have changed, the manager points out that people want to “have experiences abroad”, and events such as the F1 Mexican Grand Prix are in line with this trend.

The challenge for the entertainment company has been to find differentiators. In the case of the Mexican Grand Prix, “we had to play local and from the beginning we decided that we would be a tourist platform for the world and that the particularity of Formula 1 in Mexico would be that, because motorsports as a show is the same everywhere. the world,” said the manager.

The audience in the center

The entertainment sector maintains diversified bets, in which maintaining the preference of the public is the central point. For companies like Televisión Azteca, which belongs to Grupo Salinas, the secret is to generate a connection with the audience, regardless of the platform.

Benjamín Salinas Sada, vice president of the Board of Directors of Grupo Salinas, said during his speech at the panel that in the future the best productions for the audiences will win, those that can align the preferences of the audiences with the needs of the companies that seek to place your advertising.

“The future is people, I don’t think the future is one technology or another. Technologies will always be there and now we can see and consume entertainment, sports or news through different media. In the future there will surely be 100 additional media outlets, the ones that are here now will not be here forever, what will be there forever is the need to inform you, entertain you or watch sports”, stated Salinas Sada during his participation in Inter.Mx Summit 2022 expansion.

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