LAST MINUTE: TV Azteca profits plummet due to less advertising and the exchange rate

In the third quarter of the year, the company's net profit fell 96%, reporting 4 million pesos, compared to the 102 million pesos registered in 2021.

Does nostalgia sell? TV Azteca bets on Dragon Ball Z to connect with young people without streaming

Experts assure that the strategy will allow Ricardo Salinas' television station to reach users interested in old programming but who do not have the resources to pay for streaming.

The audience at the center of the entertainment industry

Viewers mark the pace of companies such as Grupo CIE and TV Azteca, which seek to maintain this connection in each product they offer to the public.

Tv Azteca will appeal the ruling that forces it to pay 2,620 million pesos to the SAT

Grupo Salinas indicated that it will go to national and international instances considering that the collection of taxes and surcharges is "unfair and excessive." Meanwhile, the SHCP reviews more tax debts.

TV Azteca must pay 2,615 million to SAT, says the TFJA

The television company must comply with the concept of Income Tax (ISR), fines and surcharges.

TV Azteca increases its income by 14% while fighting the battle against the SAT

The television station explained that to recover its pre-pandemic sales, it will seek to boost the production and acquisition of content, as well as invest in maintenance, equipment, and hire more staff.

The Salinas Pliego yacht that costs the same as its debt with the SAT

TV Azteca, owned by Salinas Pliego, refuses to pay the SAT a debt of more than 2,400 million pesos. While he hangs out with his wife on a yacht that's worth more than that.

This is the yacht owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego

The businessman is one of the richest men in the country and through social networks he shares images of his various properties.


Schedules of the Valencia GP of MotoGP in Cheste and how to see it

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