NewsThe Bachelor (RTL): This is how the first night...

The Bachelor (RTL): This is how the first night of the roses works

Here we go again: The new season of “The Bachelor” is now starting on RTL. In the first episode, Dominik Stuckmann fools two candidates.

Mexico – The love adventure for Dominik Stuckmann starts in Mexico, because he is “The Bachelor*” in 2022. While Dominik, as an entrepreneur, normally commutes between Frankfurt am Main (Hessen*) and Gran Canaria, he is now making his way to the Pacific coast of Mexico to look for great love on RTL*. 22 single women are already waiting for him here – without knowing who will finally receive them on the first night of the roses.* reveals how the bachelor dupes the candidates.

When everyone has arrived at the bachelor mansion, the bachelor shows himself to be a good host and throws a round of tequila. In the first one-on-one talks, he wants to find out more about the women – and vice versa, of course. So Lara finds out that the relationship between Dominik and his ex-girlfriend broke up in March 2021 after 6 years, he would like to know from Giannina and Yasmin how they feel about family planning at the tender early 20s. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Pemex raises exports of light crude oil to levels not seen in almost 24...

The state company has been forced to change its strategy of limiting exports, in the face of international crude oil prices that ensure greater liquidity.

"Bringing a drug to market is like finding a needle in a haystack"

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer develops research to address rare and oncological diseases, for which it invests 15% of its income.

Huawei reuses cell phones with 3G technology to manufacture monitoring systems for endangered species

Through 3G cameras, the technology company will collect information on the behavior of animals in the Yucatan and the effects that climate change has had on their ecosystem.

Glencore illicitly obtained Pemex deal data to gain commercial advantage

An order from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) explains that the provider used this information to gain a trading advantage.

"At the cost of suffering": COVID leaves 40 new pharmaceutical billionaires

According to the NGO Oxfam, 573 people became billionaires in the pandemic, at a rate of one every 30 hours. The owners of energy and food also take advantage of the "suffering".