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The best apps for an elementary school student

The school began the shift to a new way of learning years ago. The advent of tablets has led to an evolution thanks to which learning can be made much more interactive. Without diminishing the importance of traditional methods, which are still valid, everything that is to innovate is a challenge. For that reason we are going to discover which are the best applications for an elementary school student. With the proposed apps, the student can be more motivated and understand concepts that were much more difficult before.

Interesting and useful apps for a primary school child

Visual Anatomy

A really complete application that is valid even for medical students. You can find it for both iPad and Android tablets, and it offers an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Thanks to this application, a student can become truly aware of what he is seeing. For example, see how muscles move or how a joint rotates . It is not only valid for a primary education course, as it can be used without any problem by secondary school students.

Montessori Math Challenge

Mathematics has always been an expected subject for some students. María Montessori, a pedagogue from the early 20th century, knew how to adapt the contents to a new way of learning. This application helps to consolidate mathematical concepts through challenges. It is designed for the first years of primary school, has a very attractive interface and can be used in both Android-based operating systems and iPadOS. You can learn more about this app on its official website.

RAE Dictionary

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language has this application on both Android and iPadOS with which you can consult the most frequent doubts about the meaning of a word. The advantage of having this application on the tablet is not having to carry the dictionary, in addition to providing always accurate answers. The price of the application is free , which is an additional incentive to be able to use it.


A different way to unleash musical concerns. This application is visually very attractive and very easy to use. You will have to select characters that make vocal sounds, but with the advantage that, regardless of how you mix them, the result is always perfect. The best thing is that you check how it works, since surely you want to download it. The application is free with limited features, but its price is not high and it is completely worth it.

My life in English

Learning English is always a challenge for any student. This application is designed for the third cycle of primary school and its method is based on interactivity. In this way, it manages to motivate the student and helps to remove the fear of expressing himself in the language of Shakespeare. Besides being extremely complete, it gives us the opportunity to overcome challenges every week. Learn more about Life in Engish on their website.

Big Bang AR

The origin of the universe is quite complex to understand even for an adult CERN has developed this app, in English, which, through a journey of almost eight minutes, allows us to understand the process of creating the cosmos. Available on iPadOS and Android, it makes use of augmented reality to immerse you in an enriching experience. You have the opportunity to take a selfie in the universe, so it has a fun point as well as an educational one. As an experience, this application can be better enjoyed by students in the last cycle of primary education, in addition to secondary students.

These apps are a good starting point for any elementary school kid. With them, the teaching-learning process can be favored, in addition to being a stimulus when facing the study.

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