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The best apps to take care of nature

Every July 28, Nature Conservation Day is celebrated internationally to increase our awareness in order to improve our practices to protect the planet’s natural resources on which we all depend every day : water, land, soil, trees … Sometimes we feel that we have no power over the environment or the ability to make our planet a better, safer and healthier place, but the truth is that we do not. Every small individual step boosts the collective, and making some changes to help the environment has never been easier thanks to technology. We have compiled a series of applications for you to contribute your grain of sand to caring for nature. Because everything counts.


A calculator of your carbon footprint. This app, which is available on all platforms, allows us to combat climate change by calculating our daily carbon footprint based on the consumption of electricity, transport, food and leisure activities. In addition, it helps us to easily reduce our carbon footprint by offering advice adapted to our needs and lifestyle. In short, Oroeco tracks our carbon footprint, climate impact, analyzes our lifestyle, from traveling to eating, gives us advice, reduces pollution and will also save us money thanks to the changes we make.


The Waterprint app is designed to calculate each individual’s water footprint and help you understand how you can save water. Waterprint takes into account the water that we spend so much to eat, drink or wash clothes. For example, calculate how much water is used to grow an apple or make a shirt. If you decide to download this application, you will ensure that you are making sustainable decisions and reducing your water footprint.

I Recycle

“I recycle” is an application that helps us in the task of domestic recycling. Today, one of the main ecological problems we have is excess waste. Many of the things that we buy every day come in containers that later go to the trash . IRecycle helps us in this difficult task of reducing waste, offering us thousands of ideas to recycle and reuse all kinds of materials. And not only that, but you can also check in the app which materials are recyclable and which are not.



Have you always wanted to build an urban garden? With this app you will get it very easily, step by step, from scratch. Little by little you can become an urban farmer by planting on your own terrace, patio, small plot … You will learn to take care of your garden in an intuitive, simple and fun way . iHuerting even takes care of reminding you when to water, fertilize or prevent pests on plants organically.



Loss of the night

Light pollution is responsible for us not being able to see the stars in the sky. This application aims to raise awareness about the problem of light pollution and, thanks to the help of its users, it tells us the visibility of the stars in each place. His goal is that, in the future, “cities save energy and money by adequately lighting their streets, and their houses and being able to see the sky full of stars again .”


With all these applications we no longer have excuses for not adopting responsible habits in our day to day, and pampering our planet a little more.

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