FunThe best phrases of 'Life is beautiful' that will...

The best phrases of 'Life is beautiful' that will make you reflect

Life is beautiful is one of the most enigmatic films that have had the greatest interest in viewers. The film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni is nothing more than a hymn to joy and optimism. Let’s see the best phrases of Life is beautiful that will make you reflect.

It manages to turn what is as horrible as a war into something really positive when it is not. This is one of the films that we would have to see more times to value life and especially take into account what we have. Thank daily.

Movie Quotes Life is Beautiful

I heard of a wood-fired oven, but never saw a man-made oven. “I have no firewood! Put this lawyer in! This lawyer does not burn well, he needs to dry out!” Look at that smoke! ” Ay Josué, what are you talking about ?, buttons, soaps and that they burn us in ovens …

Good morning princess! I have dreamed of you all night, we were going to the movies and you were wearing that pink dress that I like so much, I only think of you, princess, I always think of you.

Sunflowers bow to the sun, but if you see them too tilted, it means they are dead. One serves, but one is not a servant; serving is the supreme art, God is the first servant; God serves man, but he is not the servant of men.

Have you still not understood that it takes very little to make me happy? A good chocolate ice cream, maybe two, a walk together and whatever happens. They are the best phrases of Life is beautiful.

We are in the team of super bad guys who scream incessantly, whoever is afraid loses points. In three cases all the points are lost: they lose them, one, those who begin to cry; two, those who want to see their mother; three, those who are hungry and ask for a snack.

Starting tomorrow we’re going to put: ‘Spiders and Visigoths are forbidden’… the Visigoths have fried me, it’s over.

You’re a good boy. Sleep and dream sweet dreams, maybe we are both dreaming. Maybe this is all a dream and tomorrow your mom will wake us up with milk and cookies. Later, when we eat them, I will make love to her two or three times, if I could.

I want to make love to you, not just once, but hundreds of times, but I will never tell you, only if I went crazy would I tell you that I would make love to you here, in front of your house, all my life.

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