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The best phrases to welcome you to the month of August 2021

We are in summer and every year there are those who start their vacations on these days. Look at the best phrases to welcome the month of August 2021 , and be able to enjoy a summer as you deserve.

They are by various authors and some anonymous to say hello to one of the favorite months for those who take a break and can dedicate themselves to whatever they want.

The incredible quotes for the month of August

Goodbye July, thanks for everything. Now is the turn to say welcome August. Surprise us with your magic.

Summer is always better than it could be. Charles Bowden

Neither August is a month for walking, nor December for sailing.

In August and January, do not sunbathe without a hat.

In August, (the must is made from the grapes / the must is swollen).

You have finally arrived, August. May this month the memories last us forever and ever.

Storms in August, good bunches and better must.

In August, neither for firewood to the bush, nor for water to the well. These are phrases to welcome you to the month of August 2021

For the virgin of August, they paint the grapes, and for San Judas, they are already ripe.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Makes you want to move your feet dancing. Bob Marley.

Summer sunsets are proof that endings can be pretty too

August, during the day fries the face; but at night cold in the face

Because a little bit of summer makes the whole year worth it. John mayer

August dries up the fountains and September takes away the bridges.

On vacation you have nothing to do and all day to do it.

For me, summer comes when your kisses start to taste like the sea

The only thing that helps me get through winter is the certainty that summer will come. Jack McBrayer

Summer: hair lightens. The skin becomes darker. The water heats up. The nights get shorter. Life gets better.

For San Justo and Pastor, walnuts enter in flavor, and girls in love.

In August, watermelon and melon are a good refreshment.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Somehow they already know what you really want to be. Everything else is secondary. Steve Jobs