FunThe best sun creams 2021 according to the OCU

The best sun creams 2021 according to the OCU

With summer just around the corner, surely more than one person begins to think about vacations and days in the sun on the beach or in the pool and one of the elements that we can never miss is a good sunscreen, so if you want to protect your skin well this year, nothing like taking a look at the best sun creams in 2021 according to the OCU. The best sun creams in 2021 according to the OCU Sun cream is without a doubt, the product that never it can be missing in summer and in fact, throughout the year. A product that protects us from UVA and UVB rays and not only prevents the skin from burning when we spend a whole day at the beach or in the pool, but also reduces the risk that in the long run, we suffer from diseases such as melanoma But there are many sun creams on the market today, so the OCU has made an analysis of a total of 25 creams, all of them with protection factor 30, which is perhaps the FP that is most often used since it offers protection on skin that is usually exposed to the sun. For more sensitive skin (such as that of children) or skin that is very light, it is better to choose higher protection factors, such as FP 50. Thus, in the OCU analysis, these 5 sun creams stand out as the best on the market Currently Biotherm Waterlover Sun Milk SPF 30 The first of the creams that stands out in the OCU analysis is this Biotherm cream that we can buy for about 20.85 euros in 200-milliliter containers. As we have all already said, it has a protection factor of 30 against ultraviolet radiation of the UVB type as well as UVA.The OCU gives this cream a total of 70 points given its quality and effectiveness, although it is the one that receives the worst consideration in the environmental impact category since its format causes a lot of product to be lost when it almost reaches the end of the container and since it has UV filters that damage corals. Nivea Sun Protect & Tan Milk SPF 30 In its analysis, the OCU gives the same score of 70 points to this other cream in spray format sold by Nivea. A “master purchase” according to the OCU that is sold in a 300 ml container for 15 euros with 30 protection against UVB and UVA rays, and with chemical filters. Its ease of application and that it filters very well are points that The OCU stands out on this spray cream although unfortunately its composition also has an environmental impact on corals. Eucerin Sun Spray TransparentThe OCU labels this Eucerin cream as “good quality”. A spray cream that we can buy in pharmacies and parapharmacies in a 200 ml container at a price of 16.50 euros. The OCU highlights of this cream the good results analyzed with regard to texture, absorption and white effect on the skin, although as it contains alcohol in its composition, it also highlights that it is a product that has the risk of being flammable, in addition to having filters that damage corals and also contain a microplastic. Nivea Sun Protects & Moisturizes «Master Buy», this is how the OCU rates this other sun cream, which is the second from Nivea that stands out in its analysis. In this case we find a cream that is sold in a 300 ml container for a price of about 13.50 euros.In this case it is a product with chemical filters that effectively protect against UVB and UVA radiation, although the OCU also indicates that a lot of product is lost in normal use.Babaria Sun Milk Protective Milk SPF 30 Aloe Vera Lastly, we are left with a solar milk that the OCU indicates as of “good quality”, in addition to being one of the cheapest of those analyzed, although it is sold in a 200 ml container for 8.85 euros. A cream that stands out for its effectiveness, texture, touch and absorption, but which nevertheless contains a microplastic in its formula.

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